We welcome all years, makes and models of cars, trucks, hot rods, and motorcycles. 

All cars that enter before 11:30AM are eligible for judging.  50 Trophies are presented at the end of the show.   Tickets are numbered and limited. 100 Early Registrants to date are guaranteed a space until 10:30 AM.

Early Registration checks will not be deposited until day of show and will be destroyed if show is canceled.

PREREGISTER after June 30th.

  • Must delivered  before June 30th to River Edge Cultural Center 

  • PO Box 416, River Edge NJ 07661.

  • Early Registration price is $18

  • Skip the line at the registration booth on the day of the show!

  • See below for Preregistration instructions and application form. Download Judge's Form found on Judge's page.

After June 30th

  • Please bring to the show a completed registration and Judge's forms.

  • Do not mail in after June 30th.

  • Registration after June 30th is $20 paid at car show. Please have a $20 bill with you; it speeds the line if we do not need to make change.

  • Show gate will not open before 8:30 AM. 

  • Location: River Dell HS South Parking Lot. Follow Police directions and signs to enter from traffic light at 5th & Midland in River Edge. There will not be permitted a turn North from Midland Ave. onto Fifth Ave.


To Preregister you may pay $18 by using our PayPal account dunsay@juno.com (no refund) and email your registration to dunsay@juno.com

Download the PDF on right. 

All instructions can be found there!

Do not use US mail after June 30th.

We will email your entrance ticket for you to place on your windshield or dash.

Note: The location of River Edge Car Show was moved to River Dell HS in Oradell south parking lot.  Note there is a 4" high speed bump as you enter or exit the show.

Click on PDF to download the PDF